What is Unliflex Advertising

What is Unliflex Advertising?

Unliflex Advertising is an online affiliate marketing program available in the Philippines.  You can join free and see for yourself how the system works. Upon registration, you will be provided with a unique affiliate ID.

Unliflex Compensation Plan

Unliflex Advertising has a comprehensive compensation plan.  Anybody who upgrades their account can and enjoy the full benefit of being an executive member and could earn unlimited passive income from the system.  You can REGISTER HERE.

There are 5 ways to earn from Unliflex Advertising

1. Uflex Universal Bonus Pool

Upgraded accounts which are called the “Executive” accounts could earn from the Universal Bonus Pool (UBP) up to PHP1,000.00 which is the UBP limit.  Once an upgraded account has reached this limit, the UBP stops from sharing the advertising fee to that account to give way for other new upgraded members to enjoy the UBP, too.  So, if even if you do not have referrals, your account could still earn up to PHP1000.00 from the UBP.

2. Uflex Direct Bonus

You will earn P75 for each person who joins under your account and upgrades to executive account.  You can have unlimited direct bonus.

3. Uflex Unilevel Bonus

Unliflex advertising has designed the system to give unilevel bonuses to every executive account.  You can earn unlimited P10 from indirect referrals of your direct referrals from 1st to 5th level.


4. Uflex Table of Exit

This is the most generous part of the Unliflex Compensation Plan.  There are five (5) tables where an executive account could earn.

Table 1 – P350.00
Table 2 – P1,000.00
Table 3 – P3,000.00
Table 4 – P10,000.00
Table 5 – P50,000.00

Every time an executive account exits from a table, that account has free re-entry to that table.  Each table entry has a one-time fee as the exit fee.  So, once you have entered all the tables, your account will earn you a passive income repeatedly. JOIN UNLIFLEX ADVERTISING NOW.

5. Uflex Cash Pool or Monthly Sharing Profit

The Uflex Cash Pool or monthly sharing profit is provided to those who are actively participating in the referral program.  To priovide an incentive to those who are actively promoting the business as compared to those executive accounts which are in the “investment mode” or the (upgrade-wait-earn), Unliflex Advertising made this fair deal.  What does this mean?  In order to qualify for the Monthly Cash Pool, you must have 10 direct upgraded referrals per month. The system resets it every month.

Where does the Income come from?  The Uflex Cash Pool come from the P52 or 15% allocation from every executive account.  Each time an account is upgraded P350 x 15% = P52, the system places this in a funds pool which is being shared to each executive account in the Universal Bonus Pool and in the Cash Pool.


There is another way to earn.  The program is called unitywealth100 or uwealth100

What is Unitywealth100 or Uwealth100?

Unitywealth or uwealth100 is an online membership site with online affiliate program.  It provides its members free e-books and a platform to perform a captcha typing giving them a chance to earn by typing sets of letters and numbers combination using their gadgets like cellphones, laptops and personal computers. You can REGISTER HERE.

Another way to earn is through referrals.

Direct Referral – Earn P40 for every direct referral
Indirect Referral – 1st Level – Earn P20 for every invite of your direct referral
Indirect Referral – 2nd Level – Earn P10 for every invite of your 1st level indirect referral



  1. Sign-up at UNLIFLEX  PHP350 + PHP10  After registration, upgrade your account inside the members area.  You can pay via remittance centers nationwide. You can see the details inside the members area.
  2. Sign-up at UWEALTH100 PHP100 + PHP5  (Currently Having Site Maintenance)
  3. Prepare your registration fee
  4. Login to your accounts
  5. Start earning

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