What is PLR product?

PLR or Private Label Rights is a type of license used for various products like articles, e-books, templates, softwares, videos, audios and the like.  Private label right is a special type of license where users are allowed to edit and publish the product under their own brand or name.  The original author, original designer or original composer or creator of the product grants the users of his/her products to legally edit and publish the product as their own.

PLR Products
MRR and PLR Products

How can you profit from products with Private Label Rights?

Your question may be, “how can I earn from PLR products? Well, there are lots of entrepreneurs, writers, authors, bloggers, publishers and internet marketers to name a few who really make some big profits from PLR products.  Here are some ways on how to earn from PLR products.

  • Build your e-mail list using PLR products.  If you have a website or blog, you can provide freebies to your subscribers using PLR products – give away quality e-books, softwares, audios, etc. to your subscribers.
  • Re-purpose PLR products.  Find a niche that interests you and your target audience the search for PLR products that you can edit and re-purpose it.  Example would be, an e-book about earning opportunities can be edited and repurposed as a video or audiobook.  You can then sell these to online marketplaces.
  • Rebrand PLR products and publish it as your own.  Rebranding is easy but you must always see the quality of the products per se. If you use it as a website content, be sure to make the necessary adjustments.  Examine the links used if they are still active and use you own affiliate links if necessary.  With this strategy, you may be able to provide your subscribers,  target audience and market with quality contents or products.
  • Create Membership Websites.  Membership websites provides a passive income for you.  Build, maintain and sustain your membership website using PLR products. You can maintain continuous subscriptions of your members if there is value in you website – quality products, good support and continuous improvements are tangible.
  • Use PLR products as an e-course.  Compile audios, e-books and videos related to you niche and let your subscribers and target audience to learn from these.  After the e-course, you may provide a webinar to summarize and emphasize what needs to be given importance. With these, engagement is built.
  • Sell PLR products in online marketplaces.  Select high quality PLR products and sell them as is to online marketplaces.  Resellers earn lots of profits selling quality products online.
  • Use PLR as freebies or give away. Learn how to associate your affiliate links you are promoting online.  Use PLR products as a marketing tool for other products or services by associating your own links.  This is one of the best internet marketing technique used by both newbies and experts.  Internet marketers link their referral IDs from the the online affiliate programs they would like to promote.

There are several free membership sites offering quality PLR products online. Below are the best and most recommended sites.  You may visit these websites and join what you think is good for you.  In my opinion, upgraded membership is far more fulfilling if you are planning to get high quality PLR products.  Why? Most free products could be found everywhere now.  A little investment for a quality product provides best value.

List of recommended PLR Membership Websites

1. PLR Assassin – VIP membership is highly recommended since their VIP membership opens access to exclusive products.  Join as an affiliate and you will receive USD1 for everyone who signs up under your affiliate link.

2. BestDealPLR

3. InternetMarketingZoom

4. PLRDataBase


6. Join IDPLR Click Here!

I highly recommend you to join at least one of the sites mentioned to boost you income.  You may also visit my blog about starting a business. If you have questions, please feel free to send your messages on the comment section.





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  1. Nice article! I never thought about PLR before and now I will definitely sign up and look more into it.

    Do you use any PLR material yourself?



    1. Hi Alex,
      Thanks for your comments. I hope you’ll find the best PLR products for your own use as well as for your business. And yes, I use PLR especially e-books related to recipes and self-help.


  2. I’ve heard about PLR products many times before but never really dived into them, mostly because I had no idea what they were and how they worked. You’ve definitely cleared all that up for me because I have no questions after reading this article.

    I’m interested in creating a membership site because I would rather earn a recurring income more so than a quick buck. That is what I will try, so thanks a lot for this article!


    1. Hi Brandon,
      Thanks for your comments and I hope that your plan to create membership websites will succeed. Regards. BA


  3. I always thought that PLRs were bad, but now that I recall, I was reading about SEO. It makes sense that it would be bad for SEO because the search engines, like Google, want unique content, not content that has been repurposed.

    I was totally wrong! Thanks for writing this great article on PLRs and how we can still benefit from them today. It may not work for SEO but now I see that there are plenty of other ways we can use them.


    1. You are right, Reyhana, PLRs have many uses and anyone can use them according to their needs but not for SEO purposes because google like unique contents. If you are creative, you can use the contents as basis of your article – rewrite them before publishing them on your site. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Thank you for this article. You have opened my mind to many exciting possibilities. I have been mulling over the idea of making some how-to e-books and possibly videos. Are these good to use as freebies for building a mailing list? Are e-books something I can make myself or do I need special software? What types of file formats are expected?



    1. Hi, Yes you can use PLRs to make how to e-books. These are in different formats like pdf and zip files.


  5. very informative article! I did not know just how much this can relate to online marketing. I’m fairly new and looking forward to learning everything I can. Thank you so much for the research. Do you think it would be possible to elaborate a little more on what it means to give away PLR as a freebie?


  6. very informative article! I did not know just how much this can relate to online marketing. I’m fairly new and looking forward to learning everything I can. Thank you so much for the research. Do you think it would be possible to elaborate a little more on what it means to give away PLR as a freebie?


    1. Hi Sydney,
      Thank you for your comment. PLR products help drive traffic to any website. If you noticed, my site gives some free e-books and these are PLR e-books given as freebies. Visitors can freely download them from this page. In some of those freebies, I have affiliate links in there, so if they decide to buy, I get certain percentage from sales as a commission.


  7. Great post and good info.

    It is the first time that I hear about PLR products, but it seems it can have good opportunities.

    Now I have a question, can I use this on my blog, like this is my post, and I want to promote this and I want to put it as a PLR product?

    If not, I need to find other ways.

    Maybe making my own brand!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it.


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