What is Planpromatrix?

What is Planpromatrix?

Here is a brief planpromatrix review (PPM review)

Planpromatrix, simply called PPM is a 2×1 matrix which offers unlimited re-entry thereby providing its members unlimited income from the matrix alone. It is a simple MLM or multi-level marketing program. Planpromatrix offers other ways to earn like E-load dealership and retailing which is applicable to all telephone or mobile network providers in the Philippines (Globe Telecom, Smart, TNT, TM and Sun) and data entry.  The compensation plan which is presented in the video below is applicable only for the matrix. There is a separate guide for the data entry which I hope to post a separate article on how to use the typing software since the software is owned by a third party.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies
Planpromatrix Third Party HADAX

Members of Planpromatrix have the option to upgrade their accounts from Starter Account amounting to PHP600, to Premium Account amounting to PHP1800. Most members upgrade their accounts because PPM offers them to get car loan incentives when a minimum criteria is met.

For those who are fond of crypto-currency trading, there is a third party link of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange HADAX in the members’ area. The real-time current exchange rate globally can be viewed in the interface – so buying and selling of crypto currencies is reflected real-time.  Join Planpromatrix by SIGNING UP HERE

How to Earn from Planpromatrix program

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Planpromatrix Login Area
  1. Matrix Bonus
  2. Data Entry
  3. Pass Up Bonus
  4. Indirect Referral Bonus
  5. Pairing Bonus
  6. Binary Direct Bonus
  7. Monthly Sharing Bonus
  8. E-rebates Bonus
  9. Table of Exits

Watch this video to learn more about the matrix. E-loading dealership and retailing and data entry have separate guidelines.

How to Join Planpromatrix

If you want to earn from one of the famous MLM programs available in the Philippines, you can JOIN PLANPROMATRIX HERE.  Once you sign up, you can activate your account via remittance centers or bank transfer.  Most PPM members upgrade their accounts as soon as they get 2 or more recruits under them to easily avail of the incentives.

All members could access a list of FREE E-books which are written by famous authors.  Members who are based in the Philippines could send UNLIMITED text inside the back office locally and internationally.  This is a great way to connect to their loved ones who are abroad aside from using Facebook, Skype or Viber.

Planpromatrix was founded in2013 by Junnel Millano and Mark George Naval.  It is now in its 5 years of continued business operation and most members are satisfied with the compensation plan of the program aside from continuous improvements.  Planpromatrix is legit and is one of the most recommended online affiliate programs.  This online affiliate program could earn you passive income by referring members.  It also provides an active income source if you are good at selling – sell E-loads and have retail profits as well as e-rebates.

Plan Promatrix Compensation Plan
PPM Compensation Plan

So, is Planpromatrix legit or scam? Planpromatrix is legit.

This program is open to anybody – businessmen, students, employees and OFWs who have access to the internet. You can join and activate your STARTER ACCOUNT HERE and enjoy earning passive and active income.

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