What is ConnectPH?

What is ConnectPH?

ConnectPH.info, commonly called ConnectPh Alliance,  is an informational website that was set to provide a common place for people to go for information and sign up for the Triple Play Plus Package. A marketing arm named Biz Solutions markets the product of the Conglomerate – A Philippine bank and an Australian telephone company provider.  While the business is still operating in “Beta” or trial period, heavy promotions both offline and online are going on in the Philippines. Those who are willing to sign up as an affiliate and user may REGISTER anytime. ConnectPh Alliance’s product, Triple Play Plus Package will be launch on 3 December 2018.


How to use and install chur network app


Video Credit to the owner: Mr Rey Conan Maceda

What is Triple Play Plus Package

Triple Play Plus Package is a product/service.  The package has three (3) main products/services.

  • Internet Data Service (Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • Banking Service (Multi-Purpose ATM Card)
  • Satellite IPTV Channels ( Up to 40 Channels)

The IPTV app is called the FancyFlix Cordless. To try the FancyFlix Cordless App, download it from Google Play. For trial, use this information:
Username: chur
Password: fancyflix

How Much is the Monthly Subscription

Triple Play Plus Package monthly subscription is only PHP350.00

connectph alliance sign up

Service Availability

Subscription package is currently available in the Philippines but Filipinos abroad can also register as an affiliate but they could not use the internet services abroad. Subscribers who are residing outside the Philippines can have their family members or friends register as users of the services.  Triple Play Plus Package’ FULL benefits are enjoyed only by the residents of the Philippines.


1. Copy the link and paste to your browser (remove space) https://connectph.info/affiliate-signup


3. Use this Sponsor Affiliate ID: 5077A131982

4. Fill up the form with your complete name, complete address, mobile number and email address.

5. Create a password

6. Login

7. (Optional) See if your location is Mesh Activated.

8. (Optional) Affiliates who joined under any registration links in this blog are requested to join our team group of connectph pioneers at Telegram.  It is not required but it is highly recommended especially for affiliates. Anyone who would like to learn more about the products and services of connectph alliance are ALSO WELCOME  to join the group.  How to join telegram? Download the App then join the connectph pioneers group.

Connectph Alliance Compensation Plan

EARNING OPPORTUNITY along with the Triple Play Plus Package

For those who would like to earn additional income, connectph alliance is offering a generous compensation plan through referring new users of their services.  The compensation plan is a multi-level marketing with 5 levels deep and infinite width.

1st Level to 5th Level earn a flat fee of PHP2 each referral.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is included in the Triple Play Plus Package?

a. 4GLTE wifi / High speed internet connection
b. IPTV / 40 local & international channels using FancyFlix App
c. Bank card / payment gateway

Do you use hotspots?

No. Currently it is not compatible with hotspots. The PHP350 is per gadget only and is non-shareable.

Is it a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

No. It is not VPN. This is an Australian MESH Technology.

Is personal computers and laptops allowed?

As of now, personal computers and laptops cannot connect yet but the company is making improvements to make it available to all gadgets.  Currently, it is for ANDROID & IOS gadgets only
(mobiles, tablets, iphones, & ipads).

How many gadgets can connect per account?

The technology allows only one(1) gadget per account. The system has its safety mechanism and it STRICTLY implements ONE unique E-MAIL ADDRESS per gadget.

When will the subscription start? (UPDATED)

There is a TWO-WEEK FREE CREDIT for each gadget enrolled/subscribed/signed up, before and until 3 December 2018.  Some call it as a FREE Trial but they have changed it to “TWO-WEEK FREE CREDIT” which can be used IMMEDIATELY OR WITHIN A PERIOD BEFORE IT EXPIRES. The reason for converting the free trial period to free credit is the service availability which depends on the location of the subscriber/member/affiliate.  Some rural areas and islands do not have an active Mesh Technology yet.  Connectph has a time frame to cover and spread its services to all islands nationwide within six months starting December 2018.  Note that registration is ongoing nationwide whether the area is already Mesh activated or not yet.  This is a very big opportunity to everyone who would like to participate in an advocacy to connect the islands of the Philippines through internet.  According to some top leaders and owners of Connectph, Mesh Technology is already active in some areas within some foreign countries. The Philippines will be the first in Asia to have a nationwide Mesh Technology coverage and will happen in the next few months.  So, they are inviting you to  JOIN CONNECTPH and enjoy the benefits of being one of their pioneering members.

How to earn?

Refer as many as you can.  The earning potential is high. Affiliates can earn up to five (5) Levels deep with infinite width.  There is no spill over which means you can have unlimited direct referrals.  You can apply as an affiliate HERE.

How does it work?

It is an application-based technology.  You must download and install the Apps in order to use the technology.  The Apps will be available on 3 December 2018.

How to qualify for FREE CREDIT?

All members you have signed up on or before 3 December will quality for the Free Two-Week Credit.  REGISTER FOR FREE CREDIT HERE.

Can an OFW subscribe to the product?

The product is exclusively for Philippine residents  only.  However, an OFW can signup as an affiliate and earn commissions through referrals.  His/her relatives in the Philippines can enjoy the services.

What is the banking service offered?

Connectph Alliance will provide a DEBIT CARD to all affiliates and users.  This can be availed from all Western Union branches in the Philippines.  Western Union is the exclusive bank of connectph and will facilitate the provision of debit cards to the members.

Is there any maintaning fee?

There is no maintaining fee for the debit card.  It is included in the PHP350 package and the  card can be used for multi-transactions inside and outside the Philippines.  It will also be used to withdraw the commissions earned from Connectph. Get your Debit Card from any WU branches after joining Connectph Alliance.  You may SIGN-UP HERE. Western Union will require 2 valid IDs to get the debit card.

If I decide to discontinue my subscription, will I surrender the card?

No. Your Western Union Debit Card belongs to you and you can continue using it even if you discontinue using the Connectph Alliance services.

Is there any restriction to join the service? 

None. ALL FILIPINOS residing in the Philippines can join as an affiliate and user.  FILIPINOS residing abroad can JOIN as affiliate but not as a user. ACCESS  A FASTER INTERNET CONNECTION.

For more details and inquiries, drop your message in the comment box or send it via Messenger.


This article will be updated soonest so stay tuned for more details.

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