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If your hobby is cooking, do not hesitate to write down your favorite recipes in your spare time. Take some photos or videos while cooking and do not forget to take pictures of the ingredients, too. Soon, your collection of recipes becomes a cookbook. A collection of 30-50 recipes is a good start to publish and sell at the Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Best e-book creator software
BEST e-book software

Why Cookbooks?

You might be thinking, why will I choose to sell cookbooks when there are other products to sell online. Well, one reason is that recipes are evergreen – they will never go out of date. The basic methods of cooking scrambled eggs and fried chicken are pretty much the same in the next couple of years compared now. Another reason is, recipes are for everyone. Recipes are who loves cooking, as well as for those people who needs guide in food preparation. One more reason is, recipes are easy to prepare or create. You can even create series of cookbooks in the same category and sub-category in many niches. Here, you can create series of cookbooks to publish at the Amazon’s Kindle Store. One important thing to remember is to search for profitable keywords. You may use keyword search tools to find the right keywords to easily rank at the Kindle Store.

Example 1:

Category: Cookbooks, Food and Wine
Sub Category: Special Diet
Niche: Gluten-Free

Example 2:

Category: Cookbooks, Food and Wine
Sub Category: Special Diet
Niche: Low Carb

Example 3:

Category: Cookbooks, Food and Wine
Sub Category: Special Diet
Niche: Low Salt

Example 4:
Category: Cookbooks, Food and Wine
Sub Category: Special Diet
Niche: Diabetic and Sugar-Free

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Kindle Cover Design

Now that your compilation of recipes is ready, you need to create an e-book cover. Try to use your original photos or you may download copyright-free images available online. Check the format so that your readers could easily access the information neatly in their devices. Or you may download Kindle Previewer and use it to check how does it look like when it is open in devices. Make some adjustments if needed. If all is fine, you may upload them to Amazon’s Kindle Store, a free self-publishing platform. You may also use this software to easily format your e-book Ultimate Ebook Creator .

How to Publish Your Cookbook to Kindle

  • Login or Sign-up at
  • Click on “Add New Title”
  • Fill in the book title and subtitle
  • Fill in the book description
  • Fill in the book contributors
  • Choose the Language
  • Verify you publishing rights.
  • Choose the Category
  • Choose Keywords
  • Fill in the book release date option
  • Upload the book cover
  • Select digital rights management
  • Price your cookbook
  • If you have a physical version of your cookbook, choose “Match Book Program”
  • Tick the box to Agree with Terms and Conditions
  • Click Save and Publish

After your cookbook has been published, you can now promote your e-book
and start earning online. Amazon even provides free marketing for a
period of time for each e-book published in their platform.
Mahatma Gandhi said, “God comes to the hungry in the form of food.”

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Ultimate EBook Creator




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