One Dollar Gift

The One Dollar Gift

What if we could make other people happy and make ourselves happy without spending more than $1?

All you are going to do is to GIVE  ONE DOLLAR GIFT to one person and allowing others to give you gift as well by sending out this letter with your paypal email address in order for you to receive unlimited one dollar gift.

When this program is continued, as it should be, EVERYBODY who joins this program becomes happy by making others happy, too.


  1. Send ONE DOLLAR GIFT to the paypal email address  in position 1 or 2
  2. Copy the entire page or letter
  3. Replace the email paypal address of the one you sent gift with your paypal email address
  4. Send this page or letter to 20 people or more.

POSITION#1 – if your birthday is from JANUARY 1 – JUNE30

POSITION#2 – if your birthday is from JULY1-DECEMBER31

Even if you are already a member of different programs, continue with that along with this program, if you like.  Stay with it and do yourself a favor by giving gift, surely it returns a hundred fold.

If you do not have a paypal account yet, create your paypal premium account.

When you send your gift, be sure to write a note: “A GIFT FOR YOU” in the note in the message to recipient.

You can invite as many people to join this program. Do not be afraid to give gifts to strangers.

Honesty, integrity and willingness to help will make this program work.  Have a great day!

********************COPY THE MESSAGE UNTIL HERE********************

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  1. Interesting concept. I’m tempted to try it. I’m gonna share this post with some friends to see what they think. It reminds me of some other paypal ventures that were eventually shut down by paypal. Those were shut down for being illegal…I don’t know if this is or not but I’m gonna do some research because I like the idea.


    1. hi, this originated from a post i found somewhere. after paying the 1usd to the recipient, i made a page for this. i also made a research before posting and it is totally legit. if you will try this and have greater concept, please let me know. have a great day!


  2. This is a neat idea. I could see how this could help a lot of people. A dollar can add up pretty quick if you get a bunch of people sending you one. I’m glad it’s through Paypal, a trusted way to send money. I don’t think I’d try it if it was through a separate program. Do you know who started this?

    Thank you for sharing!



    1. Hi Weston, Thanks a lot for your comment. I first saw this in the internet few weeks ago and I tried so this page was made.  I hope people will see its advantage but more than that, they will see the potential of building real business using the siterubix and wealthy affiliate. About your question, since this is a message revolving around the internet, i really do not know who started this. 


  3. Hmmmm. Not sure what to make of the concept. Seems that a thread can be stopped in it’s tracks if one person does not advance the email. Why 1$… why not 2$. If one is going to part with a dollar, why wouldn’t they part with 2$.
    Your website is the origin and I can see the benefits of moving 1$, but how do you keep the thread going?


    1. Hi Chris, thanks for visiting my page. My website is not the origin but I just copied the contents and promoted it, too, after I gave the one dollar gift to the recipient. I think the creator of this concept has given value to a “ONE DOLLAR” seed/gift. About your question on how to keep the thread going, well, there are lots of Viral Marketing which you can use if you like – Viral Lead Builder


  4. I like the idea. It always an awesome feeling to know that you have uplifted someone’s else lives.

    I believe that is our ultimate purpose to live in harmony and peace, and I believe that it starts by uplifting them. $ 1, is indeed a nice way to get folks to start smiling.


    1. Hi Roopesh, Thanks for visiting my page. I hope this page could at least spark an enthusiasm or just kick a momentum ON. Have a great day!


  5. This is the first time that I have run across an opportunity like this where you are gifting $1 dollar to others.

    Do you really need a PayPal account or is there another way to actually exchange the dollar?

    I may want to give this a shot to see how it works out.

    I look forward to your response.


    1. Hi Chris, For now Paypal is the most recommended and safest but you can also use cryptocurrencies. Thanks for visiting.


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