King Humus Plus

UPDATE:  King Humus Plus is now HUMIC PLUS

Only the packaging of the product has changed.  The ingredients or all components of the product as well as its effect on plants remain the same.

What is King Humus Plus?

King Humus Plus is a brand name of humate or humus which is a plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner for all crops. It contains Humic Acid, Potassium and other organic matters. Humus is a kind of humate from Leonardite which are parts of plants, animals or anything from biodegradable matters which decompose as time passes.  Leonardite is a mine from Lignite or it is a brown coal which has the highest deposit of humic acid compared to other coals.

How can you earn with King Humus Plus?

King Humus Plus
Higher revenue using King Humus Plus

King Humus Plus reduces the common problems of farmers thereby reducing costs to solve problems like:

  1. Increase in the price of chemical fertilizers
  2. Unstable quantity of harvests
  3. Problems related to quality of soil
  4. Pests
  5. Low market price due to poor quality of harvests

By using King Humus Plus, some, if not all of the common problems listed above, may be lessened, if not, eliminated.  The use of King Humus Plus will help farmers gain the following benefits:

King Humus Plus
Benefits of King Humus Plus for the Soil

 Benefits for the SOIL

  1. It stimulates beneficial microbial activity thereby making the soil more fertile.
  2. Improves soil structure.
  3.  Retains water for a longer period thereby, it reduces the need for frequent watering.
  4. Increases organic matters.
  5. Decreases the tendency of land slide and soil eliminations
  6. It acts as a chelating agent.
  7. It reduces the loss of nutrients through leaching.
King Humus Plus
King Humus Plus for the Plants

Benefits for the PLANTS

  1. It isolates the plants against excessive acidity and alkalinity.
  2. It improves water holding capacity which results to darker, greener foliage.
  3. It strengthens root vitality.
  4. It promotes quicker seed germination.
  5. It enhances nutrient uptake thereby making the plant more robust.
  6. Better resistance to stress.
  7. Better resistance to pests.
Better production result with the use of KHP
King Humus Plus Helps in Higher Earning Potential

Benefits for the FARMERS

  1. It increases and enhances production both in quantity and quality.
  2. It reduces high farm input costs by reducing the quantity of chemical fertilizer input.
  3. It also reduces the use of pesticides and other costs related to reduction of pests.
  4. It produces bigger crops as to size and weight thereby yielding bigger income.

Learn how to use King Humus Plus here>>> KING HUMUS PLUS APPLICATION

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Why is promoting the use of KING HUMUS PLUS?

My husband and I are currently into agribusiness and we would like to share the benefits of using King Humus Plus to farming.  Our recent rice crop harvest, yielded around 37%- 40% increase in revenue as compared to the past harvests. We have used King Humus Plus just twice yet, but the benefit continuous. Why? It is because King Humus Plus continuously restores the soil making it more suitable for any kind to crop to grow faster and helping the plants become more healthy and robust.



Rising Yuera International Inc.’s KING HUMUS PLUS

My husband is a GOLD member of RISING YUERA INTERNATIONAL INC and has around 30-50% discount of the SRP of their products.  If you would like to know more about the KING HUMUS PLUS and would like to avail of discounts, too, please feel free to comment in the message box or you may call/text: +63932-622-4262

This product is currently available in the Philippines (PH) and some chosen countries only. If you are not from the Philippines and is interested to buy this product, please feel free to send us your message in the comment box and we will arrange the shipment and delivery to your place.

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