How to Make Water Bonsai using Powder Grower

How to Make Water Bonsai using Powder Grower

Water bonsai is a very nice alternative to grow plants without the need of soil.  It is ideal for those who are living in the cities or if soil is limited in their areas.  This is a good hobby and anyone can turn it into business.

Powder Grower Philippines
Water Bonsai

Materials Needed:

  1. Powder grower
  2. Plant cuttings
  3. Used styropor and/or foam
  4. Masking tape
  5. Scissors or cutter
  6. Tap water
  7. Pebbles or colored stones
  8. Used bottle container
  9. Vases


  1. Mix the powder grower with 1.5 liters of tap water to make a bonsai solution.
  2. Shake well for 30 seconds to 1 minute and leave for 24 hours until all crystal powder settles at the bottom of the bottle and the water solution becomes clear.
  3. Pour the solution into another clean bottle container leaving the sediments or residue at the bottom.
  4. Wrap the plant cuttings with styropor or foam enough to cover the bottle opening to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside the container.
  5. Insert the cuttings into the bottle with at least 1-2 inches immersed in the bonsai solution.
  6. Keep the bottle with cuttings in a place not directly to sunlight to prevent moss formation which may cause the cuttings to dry or die.
  7. Observe the cuttings and check if the water changes its color or becomes unclean. If this happens, change the solution right away.
  8. Spraying the cuttings with the solution is recommended to speed up the growth of leaves and small stems
  9. After few weeks, when the roots have already sprouted, the cuttings can now be transferred to a more presentable, clean vase.
  10. Replace the old wrap with a new one using masking tape to properly hold the cuttings against the styropor and just enough to fit in the vase.
  11. Put decorative materials or ribbons outside or at the neck of the vase to cover the styropor or foam used to hold the cuttings.
  12. Put some pebble stones on top of the vase to make it more presentable.
  13. Water the cuttings with the bonsai solution if the plant needs watering.

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