8 Proven Tips to Help You Stay Motivated to Earn Online

Stay Motivated. Earn. Learn and Enjoy.

Earn Online Motivation
Earn Online Motivation
      1. Paint the Picture –  This could be taken literally. Really or are you kidding me? Well, what does this really mean? Painting the picture means simply envisioning your desired outcome or results.  Hit your goals by targeting a definite result. This could be applied to any goal-setting activity and as well as to any online business, affiliate marketing, or any other online income opportunities be it passive income or residual income activities. If you will ask how this should be done, use your creativity but it is a good idea to have it listed or written so that you can easily remember them.  This is digital age and you can use virtual notepads in your mobile phone or use apps or simply use canva to make a virtual card for your goals. Trust me, this definitely works.earning online motivational tips
      2. Keep the Notepads in Sight.  If you are always on the computer, use it as a background or if you have written it on a notepad, scan your notes once or twice a day.  You will be reminded about the important things you needed to do. Most companies with busy environment put some posters or message boards around the area so people get reminded even by just seeing these important reminders and inspirational quotations with just a glance.
      3. Value Your Support Group – Get support from friends and family members, if necessary.  Seriously, most people working at home or those who have online businesses tend to loose focus specially when there are chores to be done at home and when unexpected visitors and offline clients come by without appointment schedules.  There is nothing to worry about this if you know how to value the people around you – take time. You may even remember that the reason you are working hard and doing your best are them – your loved ones and so with your clients.  Now, if you are alone and need some support group, I recommend you to join a community of like-minded and caring people.  Chat with them here.
      4. Read An Inspirational Quote – At least once or twice a week, have something to feed your soul and mind.  Motivation is innate within one’s inner being and it just needs to be stirred to be transmuted into actions.  To work at home is not easy as the 9-5 job, yet it is rewarding if passive income outpours continuously as a result of consistent and persistent work especially if you have built it positively with worthwhile purpose.  Personally, I downloaded the Free Kindle App to my tablet and choose some pretty good ebooks from Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices. Some of the ebooks are free while I buy those which I really know I could learn and benefit from. Every book is always worth a goldmine – value and apply the knowledge, share if necessary.Affiliate Marketing Motivational Tips
      5. Take a Break and Get a Nap.  Coffee or  tea? … and cookies! My daughter’s, nephew’s  and niece’s  snacks in school are a variety of sandwiches, crackers or biscuits and juice (sometimes milk).  They share and give some extra to me while I get some fresh mangoes and dragon fruits if in season.   And yes, take a nap after lunch, if you prefer.
      6. Continue With Your Goals.  If you get sidetracked for a reason, no worries. Just continue what you have started and do it now with “The Strangest Strategy”.  You can search this in Youtube and try to apply it. You can even download a free copy of the excerpt in a pdf format but I really love the video. This certainly works!
      7. Reward Yourself and Your Support Group.  How would you like to reward yourself? Go watch a movie or a concert.  Invite your husband (or wife) for a dinner.  Go shopping with your kids and treat grandmother and grandfather with pizza or tasty Shawarma.  My whole family loves “Turks” and “Jollibee”.  Affiliate marketers and online business owners are real people who need care and attention so it is time to reward yourself and your support group after hard work.  Feel and enjoy a part of your commissions from the affiliate programs you have joined.  Let us call it a date.
      8. Rinse and Repeat.  Simple and tried, just apply numbers one to seven tips and you will see amazing results.  You will certainly love working at home and applying all your knowledge about affiliate marketing whether you are a newbie or an expert.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily”. -Zig Ziglar

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