1. I have spent quite a lot of time researching my niche and positioning my online business for the future. I agree with so much of your blog, it is absolutely crucial to spend as much time as it takes to do your research.

    While I am not in the medical field, I think if you are giving advice to people it is still important to have done your research. People may make decisions on your recommendation, and while it is their decision, I feel I need to be comfortable that I have given them all the facts.

    Great ideas, and you have given me more food for thought.


    1. Hi Heidi,
      Thank you for visiting my website. I agree that people will be making decisions based on our recommendation that is why we will be more comfortable talking about some product offers if we knew some facts. By the way, my siblings are all in the medical field (one doctor and 2 nurses). Nice to hear that you are also in the medical field. If you are looking for a niche, you may consider looking into some PLR products which may help you decide on your niche. Have a great day!


  2. Great advice!

    Many people that I have tried to train and advice in business are extremely eager, but they don’t have the patience to do their research. They just want to act immediately. That’s disastrous!

    You make a great comparison to established and successful brands. Doing research to understand the market, and the people that you’re trying to reach, is essential for success.


  3. I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely research help you to get your homework better. Better prep mean, better business. You nailed it.


    1. Thanks for visiting my website, Bushra. Yes, research keeps our feet to the right track. Have a nice day.


  4. Hi, Benny.
    Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

    I researched ‘Madre de Aguas’ and got:

    The Madre de aguas (Mother of water), also known as Magüi, this is a mythical creature in the folklore of Cuba.
    Source: https://theforensicaffiliate.com/madre-de-aguas

    Then I researched ‘Madre de Agua’ and got:
    Trichantera gigantea, a fodder tree, also known as Nacedero or Madre de Agua.
    -Source: https://paulmindra.com/madre-de-agua

    Good article on Research. Nice looking website.


    I am a proud member and advocate of The Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project (OEP). I give you permission to email me at the email I have provided you attached with this comment.

    I have a suggestion that might help with your ‘bounce rate’ if you are having any challenges with it.

    Good article on Research. Nice looking website.

    Kindest regards from Canada.

    Paul Mindra.


    1. Hi Paul, Thanks for visiting my website. Yes, research is really helpful in building any kind of business. So, you’ve done a keyword research for madre de agua. You know, I’ve made an article about rooting instructions for madre de agua in the given link. Thanks for the offer. Have a great day!


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