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What is Blesscent Marketing?

Blesscent Marketing is a direct selling and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) program which is available nationwide in the Philippines.  The products are oil-based perfumes and the scents are based on high-end perfumes.  .

You may be wondering what the scents are, or you are thinking, are they a replica of branded ones?  The scents are modeled from the branded ones. Is the company violating any copyright or trademark issue? The answer is NO. The manufacturing company of Blesscent Marketing did not copy any formulation from the original manufacturer. With persistent efforts, studies and intensive research, they developed the formulation of the products on their own and came up with the perfumes. Each product of Blesscent Marketing has its own name and each has a unique code. It could even help the marketing department where these perfumes were modeled because this serves as a promotion of their products.

I made a research about this before I made this article so you do not have to worry about legal issues in selling the products especially that Blesscent Marketing products are very affordable and the members have testimonies about the high earning potential of this perfume business.

blesscent marketing

Available Packages of Blesscent Marketing

Here are the available packages you can choose from.

Quick Starter Package – PHP 70
Dealer Package –  PHP990
Master Package – PHP2990

All members enjoy:

Llifetime 37% discount
Lifetime online monitoring account
Long-term business
High quality products
Weekly payout through various payment centers and remittances nationwide


More about Blesscent Marketing

CEO: Mr. Mark Ryan Herrera
Office Address: Calamba, Laguna
With DTI, Fire and Sanitary Permit, BIR and Mayor’s Permit
Date Started: Febuary 6, 2018

PRODUCTS (as of November 2018):
14 different scents of perfume,
60ml and 5ml testers,
18% oil-based imported from France.

Starting an online and offline business is easy and affordable.  With Blesscent Marketing, you can make an income in several ways.

Blesscent Marketing Compensation Plan

Members of Blesscent Marketing have the privilege to enjoy this generous compensation plan.

dealer package blesscent marketing

5 Ways to Earn

1.  Direct Selling:
Member Price: PHP220
Selling Price: PHP350
Profit: PHP130

2. Direct Referral:

Starter Package: PHP10 (Unlimited)
Dealer Package: PHP100 (Unlimited)
Master Dealer Package: PHP300 (Unlimited)

3.Indirect Referral

Starter Package: Upgrade to Dealer or Master Dealer to earn from indirect referrals

Dealer Package:
1st Level – PHP10
2nd Level – PHP8
3rd Level – PHP6
4th – 7th Level – PHP4

Master Dealer Package
1st Level – PHP10
2nd – 3rd Level – PHP8
4th – 5th Level – PHP6
6th – 9th Level – PHP4
10th – 12th Level – PHP2

master dealer package blesscent marketing

4. Binary Pairing Bonus

Starter Package:
PHP10 Per Pairing
16 Pairs Per Day (Maximum)

Dealer Package
PHP100 Per Pair
22 Pairs A Day (Maximum)

Master Dealer Package
PHP300 Per Pair
22 Pairs A Day (Maximum)

5. Product Rebates

Starter Package:
1st Level – PHP5
2nd Level – PHP4
3rd Level – PHP3
4th – 7th Level – PHP2

Dealer Package:
1st Level – PHP5
2nd Level – PHP4
3rd Level – PHP3
4th – 7th Level – PHP2

Master Dealer Package
1st Level – PHP5
2nd Level – PHP4
3rd Level – PHP3
4th – 7th Level – PHP2

Is Blesscent Marketing Scam or Legit.  Blesscent Marketing is LEGIT.  It is 100% legit business.

How to JOIN:

1. Register online HERE.
2. Choose a package you would like to buy.
3. Decide how many packages you would like to open.  Blesscent Marketing allows 7 accounts per person.
4. Prepare your registration fee according to the number of accounts you will open and according to the package you have chosen.
5. Pay via remittance centers. Please see related image for the mode of payment below.
blesscent marketing mode of payment
6. Please make sure that if you register for multiple accounts, payment should be made per account. Do not pay a lump sum amount using only one tracking code. For example, you have chosen to register for seven (7) accounts, you should fill up seven (7) payment remittances and you will get seven (7) payment tracking codes also.
7. Take a photo or photos of the payment tracking code or codes.
8. Send a copy of the photos in facebook to one of our Stockist, Ms. Sheen Sandar Uy or you may call/text her at 09754521190 for faster transaction. Kindly mention “bicarme1209” as your sponsor.
8.Wait for the code to activate your account.
9. Login to your account.


“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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