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What is Best Deals Online PH?

Best Deals Online PH is an online auction platform which is available nationwide in the Philippines. It is in the pioneering stage with launching date on November 20, 2018. Best Deals Online PH is a membership site. Members could earn in various ways and they have the chance to bid various products like appliances, electronics and gadgets at 90% off the regular price. Best Deals Online PH features the “TAP N WIN” program which is held weekly.

Best Deals Online PH TAP N WIN program

Best Deals Online Registration

To be able to join the bidding in the online auction deals in the TAP N WIN program, one must buy an initial 2,000 points which is PHP1,500.  This serves as a membership fee. During the auction, bidders can tap the button of the auctioned product as many as he can as long as he has points in the dashboard. Every time a member taps on the button, a certain number of points (ex. 50, 75 or 100) points will be deducted from his total points depending on the value of the item auctioned.  Points can be reloaded anytime inside the member’s area.

This is the first and only “TAP N WIN” program which offers a generous profit sharing bonuses to its members. Join Best Deals Online PH now. The schedule of the auction is every Saturday at 8:00 p.m., Manila, Philippines Time.

Founder and President of Best Deals Online PH:
Mr. Ymberv Lowell First Burce 

Best Deals Online Compensation Plan

Ways to Earn

1. TAP AND WIN (Online Auction) – Every member has a chance to get 90% off all gadgets and appliances auctioned. Best Deals Online PH schedules the auction weekly so that members could prepare and join the auction which could give a fair chance for those who have office jobs.  This is a time-based auction and winners are system-detected – the last tapper in each auctioned product wins. The winner has the option to choose how he gets the item won. He can either have the item shipped to his chosen delivery address while he pays for the shipping fee, or he has the option to exchange it for cash, but this has a 10% deduction from the regular price. For example, he wins an item worth PHP1000, there is a PHP100 deduction, he only gets PHP900.

REGISTER ONLINE  then, send us message here to get your Activation Code and PIN.

2. GLOBAL BONUS POOL – Every member has 2,000 points upon registration which he can use to bid products. These points will be turned into 3,000 points even without invites. This means that every member will have 1,000 points FREE without inviting members. You may be asking, where will the points come from? The sources of the additional points are from the Global Bonus Pool and Points Reload from each member. If a member reloads or buys points, a certain percentage will be apportioned for this.

Company Share Bonus – 10% of the total sales of the company is equally distributed to all affiliates.

Reload Bonus – 10% of tap points total reloads is equally distributed to all affiliates.

Unilevel Bonus – 1% of the total sales  from E-Loading service is equally distributed to all affiliates. (E-loading service is not available immediately in the members dashboard, but it is coming soon.  The President and Administrators of Best Deals Online PH are working phase-by-phase to achieve the company’s goals and are very diligent in achieving the plans in its road map).

3. REFERRAL BONUS – Each member will earn PHP400 every 1st, 3rd, 5th Direct Referrals and the PHP400 will be passed up to his up-line while he earns PHP800 for 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th Direct Referrals onwards. The best thing in this system is that it was designed with infinite width. Each member can refer as many as he can.  Upon reaching 7 Direct Referrals, he gets additional 4,000 points turning the 3,000 points to 6,000 points total.

4. PASS-UP BONUS – Each member will earn PHP400 from 1st, 3rd, 5th from pass-up bonus from all referrals of his direct referrals. (Infinite width)

BEST DEALS ONLINE PH REGISTRATION LINK  then, message us to get your Activation Code and PIN

5. INCENTIVE BONUS – Best Deals Online PH provides incentives to all qualified members.

Best Deals Online PH Mode of payment

For more information, drop your message in the comment box or send us a message in Messenger.

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